Teacher friend, let’s get you set up for freelancing success


Supplement Your Teaching Income Workbook

Everything you need to get started to learn the behind-the-scenes of working for teachers pay teachers authors! Let’s bust the myth of “I’m just a teacher!” and allow me show you real life examples of just how many tasks you can get paid to do!


Portfolio Templates

Ready to dive in? Grab these job specific portfolio templates that will put you ahead of the game when applying for jobs! Not sure what sellers are looking to hire for? These templates have everything you need.


Educator to Entrepreneur Course

This is for you if you have ever wanted to learn how to use your education degree by working from home! In this "Educator To Entrepreneur" course, I walk you through how to use your classroom skills to learn how to work for Teachers Pay Teachers sellers.

We are about to launch our 2024 Summer Session with our kickoff call on Wednesday, May 29th! Join us for the months of June & July to start getting paying clients!


FREE 10 min training: Busting the "I'm Just a Teacher" Myth

This is for you if you are excited to have someone guide you along this new journey! I break down exactly what freelancing is and different ways TpT sellers hire teachers to help them.


- Elisa McManus

"The Supplement Your Teaching Income workbook is fantastic!

Hayley lays everything out in a very clear, step-by-step process. She walks you through the different jobs available to you, helps you figure out your skillset and what job is the best for you, and squashes any self-doubts you might have. The workbook is direct, easy to read, and fun - like chatting with a friend!

If you are looking for your first step to replacing or supplementing your teaching income, this is it!"