How Teachers Can Become a “Freelancer” To Supplement Income

What is freelancing?

When I used to hear the word “freelancing” the first thing that popped in my mind was someone who was a starving artist or musician. 🙈

You can thank the movies for that preconceived notion…oops!

I thought being a freelancer meant you didn’t have a real job and you were just trying to find gigs here and there to make ends meet.

Boy, was I wrong!

It wasn’t until I learned about the online business world did I discover what being a freelancer really means.

To put it simply, a freelancer is an independent contractor.

You aren’t an employee, aren’t told you have to be at work during any certain time, are in control of your income, and can literally work from anywhere.

You can make your own hours and set your own pay.

Do you know what Teachers Pay Teachers is? If so, did you know you can actually work for sellers on there by freelancing for them? Read more to find out how!


I guess that’s why it’s called “FREE”lancing because it provides SO much more freedom than the typical 9-5 job.

A freelancer can also be called an entrepreneur or business owner. You own your own business!

Why Freelancing is Perfect for Teachers

I started this journey because I was looking for a way to supplement my teaching income and the whole network marketing thing just didn’t work out for me. Just being honest!

I knew there had to be a way to help my family financially, but I just wasn’t sure how. Teaching was all I had ever known. I went to school to be a teacher and didn’t know of any other skills I had besides teaching.

Going back to school to rack up more student loan debt than we already have was not something I wanted to do.

How You Can Work for TpT Sellers

It wasn’t until I discovered that I could use my classroom skills in this whole online business world did my entire perspective shift.

Yes, there are PLENTY of brick and mortar jobs, but the online space is exploding these days.

Since you are already familiar with the education space, working in the Teachers Pay Teachers industry is perfect for any teacher!

You may be telling yourself, “Wow this all sounds great, but HOW? How do I get started with something like this?”

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