5 Reasons Why Teachers Make the Ultimate TpT Virtual Assistant

You too? When I was googling “other jobs for teachers…” I was overwhelmed with the everyday stress of teaching in the classroom. I was about to have a panic attack trying to figure out how the heck to make it to a full 30 years, especially in this pandemic we’re living in.

I was supposed to be happy and love my job forever. The students have always been my number one but everything else that piles on was becoming a major problem for me and my personal life.

I decided it was time for a change. That’s when I was determined to figure something out without spending thousands of dollars going back to school.

A dedicated teaching career can be so rewarding but also draining at the same time. I know how frustrating it is when you keep spending so much personal time on your job with no extra pay or incentives. As a parent, we also find ourselves often putting other children’s needs in front of our own.

Once you see the skills you possess as a teacher, and how you can use them outside of the classroom, you’ll get more motivation and excitement for creating your own business to supplement your teaching income. You’ll be able to work your own hours, set your own pay, & find the joy that you may have been missing for so long.

Teacher Pay Teacher Authors WANT to hire You

1. Utilize what you teach to your advantage

Are you a math teacher? There are math sellers on TpT that would love your background knowledge of the standards & skills for various grade levels.

Are you a kindergarten teacher? There are tons of early childhood stores on TpT that can benefit from your creativity to help create new products!

With the knowledge you possess, teacher pay teacher authors will trust and confide in you to share their passion and knowledge for helping students!

2. You’re already a chaos coordinator!

This job requires multiple projects at once. This is PERFECT for a teacher.

Think about how many students can you help at once?

How many times do you multi-task your endless To-Do list?


3. Do you like to see the data?

As teachers, we like to see how our students respond to instruction with the data. Use this skill the same way by working for TpT sellers.

You can help them break down the data on which products sell the best when, how certain products are converting, and keep track of statics & data for their entire store.

4. Make use of your time management skills

Our job in the classroom goes by the time on the clock. The day follows the master schedule and unfortunately, there’s not much flexibility with that.

Teachers are PROFESSIONALS with time management.

Use this skill to work on projects, timelines, due dates, etc.

5. Your creativity is key

At one point during your teaching career, you have had to be creative with lessons, products, behavior management, etc.

As a teacher, the motto goes “Roll with the punches!”

Teachers WILL find a way to get the job done. This is why being resourceful is one of the things that TpT sellers love the most about hiring educators.

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You’ll start to see exactly why YOU are the best candidate for a TpT virtual assistant.

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